Guix QA: Issue 69461


Update vulkan-sdk and add dirctx-shader-compiler.patch

For branch: master

Lint warnings

No lint warning changes
(for lint checkers that don't require the network)

Package changes

SystemPackage build status
BaseWith branch changes
x86_64-linux00001000View comparison
i686-linux00001000View comparison
aarch64-linux00001000View comparison
armhf-linux00001000View comparison
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riscv64-linux00001000View comparison

Cross builds from x86_64-linux

TargetPackage build status
BaseWith branch changes
aarch64-linux-gnu00000001View comparison
arm-linux-gnueabihf00000001View comparison
avr00000001View comparison
i586-pc-gnu00000001View comparison
i686-w64-mingw3200000001View comparison
mips64el-linux-gnu00000001View comparison
or1k-elf00000001View comparison
powerpc-linux-gnu00000001View comparison
powerpc64-linux-gnu00000001View comparison
powerpc64le-linux-gnu00000001View comparison
riscv64-linux-gnu00000001View comparison
x86_64-linux-gnux3200000001View comparison
x86_64-w64-mingw3200000001View comparison
xtensa-ath9k-elf00000001View comparison

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