Guix QA: Patches

The aim with this page is that the patches to look at should be towards the top.

For issues with the green status (reviewed or important checks passing), the oldest ones will appear first.

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69461Update vulkan-sdk to and add directx-shader-compiler.
69502[bug#69502,mesa-updates,v2] gnu: sdl2: Update to 2.30.1.
69591Unbundle and update python-pytorch
69637gnu: mesa: Update to 24.0.3.
69751[bug#69751] Added iRODS v4.3.1
69803[bug#69803,rust-team,01/37] gnu: Add rust-rename-item-0.1.
69813Update seahorse and libsecret.
69817[bug#69817] gnu: Add python-pynsee.
69859[bug#69859,rust-team] gnu: Adds rust-pcap version 1.3, 0.11, and 0.10
69885[bug#69885] gnu: Add python-x-wr-timezone.
69950[bug#69950,emacs-team] gnu: emacs: Only verify integrity of bound symbols.
70147WIP: Add rage.
70286Remove linux-libre 6.7.
70313[bug#70313] gnu: Add glvis.
70317[bug#70317,01/13] gnu: packages: Add go-github-com-golang-jwt-jwt-v3
70327[bug#70327] gnu: go-1.22: Update to 1.22.2.
70328[bug#70328] gnu: audit: Build with aarch64 and arm support.